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Pres. Obama Talks Gulf, Oil Disaster and BP in Primetime

The President spoke last night about the "Feel Bad" issue of the year -- the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. A BP well has been spouting raw crude into the ocean for months now, ruining marine life, people's ways of life and the environment all at the same time. Multitudes worse than the Exxon-Valdes spill in Alaska, we're facing a crisis in the Gulf that we're going to be dealing with for not months, but years. I seriously don't know how you put a good spin on this and the President really didn't try. Shorter version of speech: "We're kind of screwed, but I'm really hopeful that we can mitigate the amount that we are screwed. So ... don't you feel like investing in some windmill farms?"

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President Got All Sweary Word on Oil Spill

Did it work? Can he go back to working on actually fixing things again instead of just talking about them now?

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The BP Oil Spill Is A Nightmare. Can The President Fix It By Screaming At It?

Photo from Daylife

President Obama rarely gets pissed. He's pretty unflappable. He was like that as a Senator. He was like that on the campaign trail. He doesn't get "visibly" angry. He doesn't necessarily get super excited either. He's just mellow yellow, all the time. This, apparently, bothers some. Especially when it comes to the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

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