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Rand Paul & the GOP: Black Friend Wanted

Big week in conservative outreach to the black community

Rand Paul went to the Harvard of historical black colleges -- Howard University -- to school a roomful of already educated black students on how President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and that all of the NAACP's founders were Republicans. (Some were also white! And really light-skinned Negroes!!! And Ida B. Wells!!!!) Of course, all the students (and me and most black people who can read) already knew this.

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I'm In Florida,So Here's Story About Ponce de Leon And Other American Myths

Painting of Agueybana greeting Juan Ponce de León from U.S. Military. Painting by Puerto Rican artist Agustin Anavitate. (Source: Wikipedia)From the New York Times:

Florida probably was first sighted by Portuguese navigators, or perhaps by the Cabots sailing from England. Either way, it started appearing on maps as early as 1500. By 1510, its distinctive peninsular shape had emerged clearly on maps in Europe. By 1513, when Ponce de Léon first arrived, so many Europeans had visited Florida that some Indians greeted him in Spanish.

Sounds about right.

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SCLC co-founder Fred Shuttlesworth Dies At 89

Image via CNNRev. Fred Shuttlesworth, co-founder of the civil rights group the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and fearless activist, died Wednesday at 89, leaving behind a bare-knuckle legacy of fighting for human rights. Shuttlesworth survived attacks on him and his family by the Ku Klux Klan in his effort to integrate Alabama's buses and survived beatings by mobs to integrate schools. But in the effort to silence him, Shuttlesworth only grew more resolute in his mission. The once whiskey still runner turned preacher famously said: "God made me dynamite-proof." (The Root)