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Clutch Magazine: Nivea Drops Rihanna For Being A Sexy Woman of Bad Decisions

Today for Clutch I poked a wee bit of fun at Nivea and Rihanna's expense but mostly talked about how all women have to tow a line of be sexy, don't be sexy, be smart, but not too smart and to have perfect hair the whole time. All in an effort to keep trying to hit this constantly moving target of "expectations."

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Anti-Romney Democratic PAC Ad Makes Mittens Scary (Video)

In the new anti-Romney YouTube ad by Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA isn't saying that Mitt "Mittens" Romney is going to personally come to your house and eat your baby if elected president of the United States. But, you know, just to be sure, maybe you shouldn't elect him anyway.

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Advertisement: New Snob Logo Means New Snob Gear!

New Snob Logo Raglan Tee available here!Like the new logo and tweaks to the layout? Like it enough to wear it on ... a shirt? Hmmm? Well, I got shirts, yo. I got all kinds. Don't like shirts? Get the new logo on a mug. Don't like mugs? Get it on something else. Check out all the Snob logos and designs and all the swag they come on here, at The Snob's Swag Suite.

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