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Not Helping: Cornel West Calls Melissa Harris Perry "A Liar," "Fake," "Fraud" In Interview

In this latest round of Not HelpingCornel West decided to celebrate Black History Month by kicking a few other black people in the teeth in his continued quixotic quest do what ... I'm not too sure. Keep it real? West gave an interview to Diverse Magazine where he defended his oddly personal past critiques on President Barack Obama, but to also attacked fellow professor and MSNBC regular Melissa Harris Perry, calling the Tulane professor a "liar," "fake" and a "fraud."

(He also kicked the good Rev. Al Sharpton under the table a few times too. Just for funzies, I imagine.)

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Are Black Boys Doing Even Worse In School?

A new report was released Tuesday that made the education of black males sound even more dire than many already thought. A study commissioned by the Council of the Great City School says "Black males continue to perform lower than their peers throughout the country on almost every indicator."

The report calls the educational gap a "catastrophe" that needs intervention from the highest levels.

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