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The Return of Trump-De-Dump-Dump-Dump: The Donald's Revenge

Because GOP wannabe Mitt Romney is insecure, fearful of offending ANY CONSERVATIVE EVER and butthurt for friends, America's gilded bag of Cheetos dust covered in random hair clippings, aka Donald Trump, is back. Trump, for some perverse, publicity-laden reason is a Romney "surrogate." Probably because Romney saw his favorable ratings finally go up a little, got concerned he might actually win this thing, and deployed this asshole to tell us how Barack Obama is one of the lizard people.

It's a curious strategy, but if the goal is to NOT get elected ... it's just crazy enough to work.

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Obama Almost Tying Romney in Tennessee Poll, While GOP Realizes Romney May Have A Shot

President Barack Obama talks with former President Bill Clinton before an event in McLean, Va., Sunday, April 29, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)Since the Republican Primary finally died down into a race to pathetically endorse perpetually flippity-gibbit Mitt Romney, news on the campaign front have turned towards the general election show down between Mittens and the Great Hope Monger -- President Barack Obama. This means we've been inundated with "fun" stories like "Is Barack Obama the first gay president (since he thinks gay people deserve equal rights)?" and "Hey, let's try that Jeremiah Wright thing that didn't work in 2008 again." But not all the news is turgid political pap -- some of it's kind of interesting! Like how President Obama is closing in on Mitt Romney in the GOP stronghold of Tennessee (!!!), and now that Romney doesn't have to deal with a constant stream of hate from his Republican rivals some folks actually kind of "like" him. He might have a shot! Maybe! Or something. Or not. But POSSIBILITIES! Washington is a buzz in them!

First off: What on Earth is going on in Tennessee?

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Right Wingers Try to Get Obama By Bringing Back Failed Rev. Wright Strategy Then Denounce Strategy

You know it's serious when they stick "Hussein" in there to hit that "exotic other" angle. Like he was Saddam's cousin or something.

The chickens have come home to roost! But since right wingers don't really understand what that phrase means, the chickens actually showed up at their coop talking about, "Really? Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Again? Are you going to bring back Glenn Beck's show again so he can do another 12-part series on Black Liberation Theology?"

Then they went cluck-cluck-cluck and pooped all over everything just like chickens do.

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