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Diddy Combs at a Last Chance rally in Florida he hosted with Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige.

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! OR DIDDY WILL KILL YOU! (And possibly Jay-Z ... and yeah, probably me and a majority of The Black Snob's readers. Really. We're not fucking around. Vote. And don't bother asking "who." YOU KNOW WHO!

"The Great Hope Mongerer!" "Hopey McChangey!" Sasha and Malia's daddy!

Don't you want Sasha and Malia's daddy in the White House? Look at their faces! How can you say no to those faces!?!?!

And Michelle Obama (here campaigning her ass of in Colorado yesterday), are you going to DENY her the right to become the full-fledged style, aspirational, successful, talented, smart black woman icon she rightly deserves to be as First Lady? And don't get me started on my dear Hopey McChangey himself, Barack Obama. He's brilliant. He's cool under pressure. He gives a rat's ass about the po' folk (that's all that unfaithful bastard John Edwards asked for when he endorsed him).

And he's going to attempt what has never been done -- fix the healthcare system in the US. And he's not John McCain and those are the official Snob reasons why I'm voting Obama. Obama's bringing the smart back and I'm all for it. End every playground diss of a black nerd. That could be the next Barack or Michelle Obama so STFU, bratty children! You too, overtly negative yet gleefully ignorant black people! All that's over. I'm officially declaring the war against ourselves done. Let's go to war over something meaningful: like making sure our votes get counted by any means necessary. Don't worry about your parking tickets and warrants, people. Or if your home is foreclosed. GO VOTE! THE VOTE KILLERS ARE LYING TO YOU! If you go vote all that will happen is voting. I promise.

And man, I wanted to write something beautiful and meaningful about today, but ... I'm too full of LET'S DO THIS THING! More meaningful perspective later today (along with regular updates after 4 p.m.) on this historic election that is the biggest thing to happen since 1968.


The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Bruuuuuuuce In Ohio!

Rocking her yellow J. Crew sweater she wore on Jay Leno last week (and the sparkle pin as a clasp) Michelle Obama, the dude she's married to who's running for president (I think his name is Barack or something) and the double-doses of adorableness known as Sasha and Malia Obama continued their "Award Tour" of voter encouragement. Elect their daddy n' husband, folks! If only because I want to see Michelle get to wear high heels and be dressed in D.C.'s finest and to see two of the world's cutest First Daughters ... like ever. MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE, PEOPLE! PAINT THE WHITE HOUSE "ADORABLE!"'

Warning: Once again, you may choke on the cuteness. I only say this, because if you are a Negro or part Negro or another minority not used to seeing anyone who looks like you at this high of level you could pass out from Obama Cuteness Overload through the sheer delight of seeing them all herded together reminding you of your own family or the family you wish you had or you might just be happy to see adorable brown people. White people, you too can be afflicted with this same Obama Cuteness Overload although is more of a Keep Hope Alive disorder, where you just really, really believe in this thing and WANT IT like the Celtics wanted the NBA title last season.

We all want it, man. We all do.

But you're not quite as sensitive to it. Us colored folk tend to get a little excited when we see ourselves and then shortly fall out as we recognize this as being the greatest thing ever and that we will be devastated if it ever ends.


The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Springfield, Mo.

Michelle warmed up the crowd and Barack and the girls got everyone up and hopping in Springfield, Mo. as the Obama Family continued their final lap to hopeful victory Tuesday.

Will it happen? I know it better or I'm taking a mental health month. I gots that Black People's Election Night Nervousness, the BPENN, something awful. I realize most Obama supporters are jumping with excitement over his lead and how great everything is going and how John McCain participated in some hilarious, ritualistic humiliation on Saturday Night Live, but I'm a Negro. I suffer from Chronic Negro Disappointment Syndrome, aka CNDS. It's an epidemic. Obama's message of "hope" isn't about just kitten and flowers for some people allege. Hope is an actual dare for us CNDS sufferers, telling us to stop clinging to our cynicism and asthma medication and live without fear.

So while I pop some Adavan, please enjoy these lovely shots of more Barack holding Sasha and the Obamas looking incredibly dynamic in these last days before the big vote.