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It's Protest Season In Washington, D.C. Who's Up For A Tea Party?

Wait? What? You say the party doesn't involve me and a bunch of Cabbage Patch Dolls and some My Little Ponies wearing a frou-frou dress and sipping Earl Grey while snacking on macaroons? You lie, sir! You LIE!

From Politico:

Thousands of tea party activists descended on Washington Thursday to air a variety of demands – from the repeal of new health care legislation to the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and a taxation system they say punishes initiative, to a fuller embrace of Israel – even as organizers encouraged them to unite and shift their focus toward the 2010 congressional elections.

“It is great that we all come together and have these rallies,” Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express told a crowd of several thousand protestors gathered under a warm midday sun on Freedom Plaza a few blocks from the White House.

Oh. It was THAT kind of Tea Party! I don't like those. I don't think that's the sort of place a nice, nerdy, snobby, "Librul" black girl goes. (Or any kind of black person for that matter.) Papa Snob loves to watch the CNN and try to pick out the black person at the Tea Party. (He also plays this game while watching the Cardinals play at Busch Stadium and ... well ... he does this everywhere actually. It amuses him.) So far the only black Tea Partiers of note I can think of was that crazy dude in St. Louis who claimed some Obama supporters beat him senseless (when they didn't) and that guy who brought the gun to the Obama rally. So black Tea Partiers are a real thing, but rare, like a wild tiger in India or chupacabra. I've never met one, but I've HEARD of them. Represent, you crazy diamonds!

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Just The Lunatic You're Looking For (Snob News)

So I've been on a political sabbatical. It's not that I don't care, but goodness, sometimes you have to at least pretend to not care for five minutes to protect your sanity. Also, removing cable TV from my life via being too cheap to buy a TV since I moved to D.C. has allowed me to turn into the "Huh? What?" girl when it comes to the ever changing outrage over the navel gazing mediocrity that is CNN. (Lord, not having Rick Sanchez in my life anymore really lowered the blood pressure.) Not that Fox and MSNBC don't delve into "Really? This is news? REALLY!" land, but ... you know? CNN -- They're supposed to stand for something. Wasn't I in love with one of their anchor people for an extended, hilarious period of time? Stalking him via Google even! Now ... what was his name? And who was that woman who he wifed up who WAS NOT ME!?

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