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And A Happy Birthday To Meeeeee! (Photos)

Me on the way to my birthday party on FridayThanks to my good friends Lola Gets and SavvyBroad I had a wonderful birthday party on Friday, featuring some of my closest friends in Washington, D.C. (and a cameo appearance by one of my oldest friends from high school, Tiffany). It all went down at Sonoma Restaurant & Wine Bar on Capitol Hill (223 Pennsylvania Ave. SE). We had wines, meats and cheese that I could not pronounce at the bougiest birthday party I've ever had in my entire life.

The Snob approves!

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I Was Born In '77, Now I'm 33! Hooray For Meeee!

Tis mah birfdey. Justin Beez just wanted to say "Hootie hoo!"Today is October 8th. The day I was all kinds of born. I was born during some game of the World Series that my father's favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, would go on to lose. Jimmy Carter was the President. My parents would go on to vote for him ... both times. I wasn't supposed to be born that day, according to my doctor. I was six weeks early. Largely because even as a fetus, I did not plan and just did whatever I wanted to do on my own schedule. I'LL TELL YOU WHEN I NEED TO BE BORN, DOC!

With that said, I'm taking the weekend off. See you Monday, snobs! Keep ya' noses up!


Jada Prather Badly Reviews "For Colored Girls" As I Live-Tweet It

Jada Prather and Danielle Belton 2009The year is 2010. The man is Jada Prather. The Twitter is mine and the thread shall live in infamy.

Since Jada didn't have Twitter at the time (he now does), I feared he would be mad that I'd tweeted his impromptu review of "For Colored Girls," but instead he was proud and it made him join Twitter (finally). 

The review fell in the both unintentional and intentionally funny zone. It is still a source of happy pride for him to this day.

And now, here it is, preserved for all to read ...

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