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The Snob Talks Miley's ... Um ... "Twerking" on NPR

On Thursday I went on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin to discuss Miley Cyrus' "twerking" all over the VMAs the past weekend and I went on with the clear goal to get four points across.

1. That was not twerking. She cannot twerk.

2. She also cannot sing, dance or put together a coherent or decent performance.

3. Wow. Black people as props. How inventive. (sarcasm)

4. Ugh. I don't care. The VMAs pulls these "stunts" every year. They're the stunt queen of award shows.

Listen to the show, featuring myself and Jessica Hopper of Rookie Mag after the jump.

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Reader Comments (2)

This take on the song is quite remarkable:

September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRobM

The real reason Miley Twerks!!!!

Miley Cyrus is told what to do by a little jewish businessman at her record label. He was on TV the other day. He says that everytime Miley gets on camera with her tongue in the left corner of her mouth the label makes $200,000.00. He sits up all night thinking about crazy shit for her to do the next day that is crazier than what the little businessman that runs Justin Beiber thinks up. He tries to come up with crazier shit than Kanye Wests's manager who orders him to hit his head on a sign and get in fights and try to get more lame PR than the other guy gets. They are all operating off the same program that Ted Cruz and Joe Biden use.. it is ALL ABOUT GETTING ALL THE IDIOTS TO PAY ATTENTION!!! Most Americans are almost too stupid to live. They need shiney things dangled in front of them or they do not know which way to look. Corporations/Political parties (same thing) only care about getting the biggest volumes of people to look in their direction. They all follow the same rule: No matter how stupid the thing is that you do, do it as loud and dumb as possible and you will get the majority to look in your direction...for the moment.

October 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Lee
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