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Clutch Magazine: Russell Simmons 5 Biggest Misses

Last week on Clutch, after that whole Harriet Tubman sex tape debacle I refuse to watch, I wrote a post about how Big Russ has been screwing up for some time and chronicled his five greatest hits ... that were actually misses.

Here's a snippet:

2) The time he called your worst rapper a “poet” because who cares about black women, that’s why! This is actually my biggest beef with Simmons. I can get over all this other stuff, it’s small ball. But part of the reason why some of these blunders exist are because Simmons holds some possibly retrograde views on women. I’m sure he likes women. I’m sure he respects the various fashion models he dates. I bet he loves his mother. But he will not, under any circumstances, ever disagree with any rap lyric in the history of rap no matter how sexist, vulgar or disgusting.

Read the full post at Clutch Magazine Online.

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