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Clutch Magazine: Single Black Male Seeking Long-Term Commitment, Won't You Help A Brother Out?

In my Thursday post for Clutch Magazine Online I wrote about a recent NPR poll that found more black men wanted commitment than black women. Well, knock me off a chair with a feather! So I had a little fun with the findings, celebrating an end to "desperate" single black women articles and a new era of "can't get a woman" single black man articles. Yes! YES! Bring on stories about dudes dying alone with their cats!

Here's a snippet:

Love. Eternal and pure. Obtained by some, elusive to others. But who knew a desperate poetic soul existed in the heart of the single black man, sitting along amongst the 15 or so of his pet cats and collection of knitting needles wondering where-oh-where is a woman to make my sandwiches?

According to a new poll out by NPR, this is the reality, not the common narrative of the lonely, beleaguered black woman, but of black men who want a commitment more than their female counterparts.

What’s up with that?

So says the poll:

Just one-third (34%) of these young-to-middle-aged singles say they are currently seeking a long-term committed romantic relationship, while just one in ten (10%) say they are already in one. Men are more likely to say they are looking for a committed relationship (43%) than are women (25%). Nearly all of those seeking such a relationship want to get married someday (98%).

Commitment. Isn’t that a dirty word?

Read the full story here at Clutch Magazine Online.

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