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Clutch Magazine: Embrace Your Irrational Hatred of Celebrities You Don't Know

Tuesday on Clutch I write about how often being a "hater" of celebrity isn't so much about the celebrity but ourselves and our deserve to vent. There's nothing more cathartic that going in on something you can't stand. It's a release. An unfair release to those we don't know, but a release all the same.

Here's a snippet:

Beyonce. Shaunie O’Neil. Tyler Perry. Gabrielle Union. Kim Kardashian. Heck, all the Kardashians.

You probably know someone who hates someone on that list. Maybe it’s you. But you don’t know these people. They’re simply folks on the TV or the movie screen. Yet, just the mere utterance of their names sends you into the throws of delicious hate.

People (typically their fans) will say you’re jealous or were touched as a child because HOW ELSE could you hate someone/something/some celebrity for no reason? What did Kim Kardashian ever do to you, really? She’s in Hollywood and you live in Lubbock. But everyone hates something for no reason. It’s human nature. Even that person telling you to be ashamed for your irrational hatred for virtual strangers. They hate someone. Heck, they’re hoping you bring their name up right now, just so they can go into a raunchy, punchy rant that sends their endorphins popping and get their eyes a-blazing. There is something visceral and cathartic about just going in on something you truly despise. 

Read the full post at Clutch Magazine Online here.

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Reader Comments (1)

LOL when I heard Vanessa Williams say that line on "Ugly Betty" about Taye Diggs I immediately thought about your blog post.

April 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntonio
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