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Jada Prather: The Artist Behind The Snob

As long-time Snob readers may know, I'm also a cartoonist and painter (although I don't do much of either anymore thanks to switching over to writing full-time). Luckily, I have a bestie who does the artsy-fartsy lifting for me -- New York City-based artist, Jada Prather.

Prather designed both my blacksnob logo and my personal brand "Danielle Belton" logo where my name is written in my hair. Prather is a brilliant digital illustrator and painter. I wish I could do with guache and watercolors what he can do. He's also (obviously) deft at logo design, developing a special font just for the blacksnob logo. 

Jada, finally, finished designing his own logo after designing so many logos for others. It's gorgeous work and ever the perfectionist, he took his time creating it.

So, congrats on finally getting that logo done, friend! And please, check out Prather's art on his Facebook page here.

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