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The Snob Is Going to Watch Tyler Perry's "Temptation," Will Try to Be Open-Minded

Why is that a headline? Because I famously avoided Tyler Perry's last big release "For Colored Girls." The closest review I gave was quoting other people's reviews, then live-tweeting my friend and logo designer Jada Prather's accidental review of it on Twitter. I've since seen Alex Cross, a film so generic it should come in a DVD with a white label and black lettering, but I didn't fault Perry as a bad actor in that. (Although the physical moments where he had to jump or fight or wield a gun always illicited giggles in me.) Alex Cross was just in that it's script was of made-for-TV quality.

But I want to see "Temptation" for the same reason I wanted to see "The Family That Preys" because the trailers made it look fun even though I ended up wanting to walk out on "The Family That Preys" 15 minutes after walking into it. But maybe this will be tawdry and funny -- both intentionally and unintentionally. Maybe he won't direct the actors like they're in a stage play instead of a movie? Maybe, for once, Perry won't have his weird hang-ups with college educated black women and colorism?

No matter what, I'll report back what I see.

Feel free to rant (or rave) about what Perry production touched you in the comments. My mother actually got too much glee out of snickering over "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" more disturbing scenes. I, personally, live for the horrible wigs Perry puts on men. I mean, that wig on Boris Kodjoe in "Madea's Family Reunion" was like taking Marvin Gaye's ultra seductive "I Want You" and remixing it with some Skrillex to get rid of all that sexy sex appeal and replace it with WTF.

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Reader Comments (10)

Good luck. I won't do it to myself.

March 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDBG

You're more glutton for punishment stronger than me.

March 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenternatthedem

You were good if you saw the whole Alex Cross movie. I did walk out after 15 minutes of that. I think I will wait on your review of Temptation.

March 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmenta

You guys really have a weird hang-up on Tyler Perry. I've been trying to figure why many of the young Blacks are so weird about him. I am so glad he's on the scene. I've gotten to see young Black talent that I would not have seen without him. I adore the fact that he is doing his own thing with his studio and all that stuff. I, personally, thought that THE FAMILY THAT PREYS was a very good film. The relationship between those two ladies was fun to watch. While I can't handle his character, Mr. Brown, I have found that I rather like his films. I almost let some talk me out of seeing FOR COLORED GIRLS and I would have been so disappointed had I not. I found it to be very well done. I also notice that he used Robbi Reed for casting, and I'm usually a fan of anything cast with that name. I just wish someone could explain why there's such a negative feeling about this man and his films. Some I like, others I may not like, but I feel the same way about Martin Scorse (ms) or Spike Lee or Clint Eastwood or any other director who may or may not do a film that I just don't like. After all there are more people in the world than I and I suppose they have to take that into consideration as well when they select a film.

March 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkhrish

Khrish, I understand what you're saying. I'll share my own views. I was one of those people who would happily see TP movies on opening weekend when he first started. Even seeing Madea was entertaining at first. It was (and it continues to be) great to see so many talented black actors get some well-deserved leading roles when they are largely ignored by mainstream Hollywood. But, my small problems with the films became big annoyances as his film-making became more formulaic.

Like Danielle, I wonder why college-educated women in his movie are always bad characters, cheaters, or unloved individuals who must "learn how to keep it real from the love of a blue-collar black man". There is something unsettling for me about it. I hope a day comes soon where TP won't have to dress as Madea in order for his movie to be successful. I stopped seeing the Madea movies a few years ago.

I didn't like For Colored Girls, and I LOVE that piece. I didn't think the movie was well-made at all. Sorry. The Family that Preys turned out to be like a bad soap opera to me. I had similar feelings about Good Deeds. In his defense, I really enjoyed Why Did I Get Married, and watch it any time I see it on cable.

The fact remains that I paid to see all of these movies. I wholeheartedly supported TP because I understand the importance of supporting black cinema. BUT, I wish they were better quality. I wish he would vary his shot selections, I wish the writing were better, and I wish Shemar Moore didn't have to wear that cornrow wig in Diary of a Mad Black Women.

I'm equally as critical with other filmmakers and will not spend a dime on anyone I feel is creating junk, particularly stuff that displays negative images of black folks (Hey, Spike!). I also support independent Black filmmakers as much as I can.

Personally, what I have long wished is that TP would lift up other writers and directors--even in his franchise movies--and rest on his producing chops. I'm excited to see he's doing that with the upcoming "Peeples". The trailer looks great and I will be there opening weekend to see it.

I realize my opinion is just one and plenty of people will be seeing Temptation this weekend. Tyler Perry doesn't have to listen to my opinion at all. But, I'm tired of people saying that Black people not supporting TP is a hang-up. I just don't particularly like his movies. ::kanye shrug::

March 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJenJen

Thanks for taking one for the team, I suppose, Danielle. I've only ever seen trailers for his movies and that alone was more than enough to turn me off. And, I really get tired of Black male actors playing stereotypical Black women for profit. (I'm looking at you Eddie and Martin.)


March 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVal

Jen Jen, thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me your feelings about TP and his films. I respect your reasoning, but I just hate to go to a website and always hear the same person torn down, especially when they are changing some things. I'm a senior citizen and I just love to see Black folk on the screen. I watch the long struggle of Perry and how he cultivated his audience through those plays I had always heard so much about and had no desire to see. I feel in the time he took getting himself to the point of having built an audience for his film, he'd be an arse to totally change his style and go the complete opposite to placate people who never spent one cent with him on his struggle up that ladder. He would be a fool. As the old adages goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". He's given me the opportunity to see some wonderful talent, as I said; and I'm sure that once he feels he's totally stable, he will give the audience some of these writers it seemed they young have crazed so long; but if he's smart and I do feel that he is, he's never going to forget his base. You always praise the bridge that takes you cross. I just seemed to me that reading this blog the people here were upset with him because he hadn't given their young upcoming artist a chance before even he had arrived as a Hollywood staple. I suppose that, having know about Colored Girls, by being an old lady, I was quite proud of the job he did and since the authors worked with him in the presentation, they, too, must have thought it good. I even read some posters blaming him for using the word "colored" for the film which let me know immediately, they had no idea that this was not his choice of words for this piece.....yet they critiqued it. lolololo I do however thank you for giving me some idea of what the dislike for his things are. One more thing, what exactly is a stereotypical Black man? Could you take one more moment to explain that one to me? Cause I grew up seeing buffom, crooks and drug addicts as the "typical Black man role" in all the portrayed in movie that were offered to us. So I'm obviously not "with" this description that I have read on this blog. While Madea may not be MY favorite character, he'd be a fool to give that character up while fan are still requesting her. After all, it is about money and Madea brings the money that allows him to do other things, right? Again, thanks for sharing.

April 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkhrish

Val, all the reports I heard on Sunday was that the film was really good.

April 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkhrish

Nope, no luck Snob. From the spoilers I read (not spending my $ on Perry), the educated black woman gets HIV and a divorce this time. So now we must die for our uppityness and degrees.

But it does send her back to church so it's alright.

April 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIslandista

April 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterB&W
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