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Clutch Magazine: Married to Medicine, Divorced From Reality

The cast of Married to Medicine. (Photo courtesy of Bravo TV)Tuesday for Clutch Magazine Online I tackle the latest "Black Women Behaving Badly" show, Bravo's Atlanta Housewives with medical degrees Married to Medicine. I lament that while reality drama can be escapism, seeing the same archetypes over and over make you long for scripted drama and real actresses.

Here's a snippet:

The only thing different about “Married to Medicine”  is that the women seem painfully aware of how black women are portrayed on reality shows, yet they all fall prey to the same soap opera editing and high drama with low-end language as every other black woman centric reality show on television.


But the real problem here – if you see it as a problem – is that these shows are popular because black people, especially women, are craving drama, dresses, wealth, weave and escapist entertainment. And can you blame them? Every time I open a newspaper, Google up a blog or see a book on the best-seller list it’s about how horrible things are for black women. Who doesn’t want a glass of wine and to be all “Drama, take me away” to their televisions? But instead of Hollywood dreaming up the scripted TV shows of our dreams, starring the actresses we know and love, employing black writers, directors and producers, we get this mess.

Would we watch a scripted, all-black even more soap opera version of “Grey’s Anatomy” starring a cast of Jill Marie Jones, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett Smith and Mo’Nique, of course we would. But do we (and those under-employed actresses) get that? No.

We get a gaggle of people who all hope for the best in a format designed to show your worst.

Read the full post at Clutch Magazine Online.

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Reader Comments (1)

What kills me the most about this show is Dr. Jackie. IT's apparent she thought she would go on the show and "portray" a positive image. Then why is she on the damn show?! We do need a great scripted drama. Look how well Scandal is doing. Maybe executives will see that success and follow suit. Although, I have to admit, I tune into the drama regularly... GUILTY!

April 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMonique K
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