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My Imaginary Grandmother Tina Turner Looks Really Good On the Cover of German Vogue

Tina Turner on the cover of German Vogue.My actual grandmother, in the 80s, started to look like Tina Turner (or maybe Tina Turner was starting to look like her, it was surreal). It was mostly due to my grandmother dying her hair a light brown. My grandmother, a proud woman who takes no stuff off of anybody, is a sharp dresser, loves to look nice and is extremely assertive. I've always imagined Tina Turner to be the same way. That if my imaginary grandmother was just like my real grandmother, she too, would call me up on the phone and wonder why I didn't snag Obama. (She also gives the darndest dating advice too.) So, go for what you know, imaginary grandmother. You look great. (H/T Clutch Magazine Online)

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