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The First Lady's Bangs Are Now White House Portrait Official! (Flickr)

First Lady Michelle Obama (Click to enlarge)The often imitated, never duplicated First Lady Michelle Obama has a new White House portrait. Recently she said she cut herself some bangs because that's as wild as she's getting with the mid-life crisis she's having this term. At first I was all, "I dunno about these bangs, Miz O." But after the inauguration I was like, "BANGS! BANGS! BANGS!" Heck, even I want some bangs. Do you know they sell "clip-in" bangs? CLIP-INS! It's the first time I've ever wanted to add hair to my head. Besides, I made a promise to myself to never cut my hair again, so clip-ins are a way I can get some of that bang action without chopping the front of my homegrown wig.

But enough about me ... more about bangs.


(H/T Jezebel)


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