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The Best Post So Far On the "Texts From Hillary" Tumblr (Photo)

Click to (heh heh) ENLARGE.

During the 2008, then Sen. Hillary Clinton was severely lacking in online buzz and coolness. After all, then Sen. Barack Obama was sucking up all the memes and hype with things like "Obama Girl" and "I got this" and hilarious Obama themed folk art that ranged from awe inspiring to hilarious to delicious to vomit inducing. So, poor Hillary. She didn't get to have any of the coolness fun.

Then came these incredible pictures of the now Secretary of State, doing her thing in the cargo hold of a plane as she heads off around the world to represent the US of A ... holding a cell phone, rocking a pair of sunglass.

A cool Hillary Clinton meme is finally born. I wonder if Bill is muy celoso?

Ha. You know he is.

As for this witty one featuring doomed lover of texting, sexting and all sexy social networking, former Congress Critter Anthony Weiner of New York, it's -- hands down -- the best. Second only to the Sarah Palin one.

Check out more here. (Texts From Hillary)

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Reader Comments (1)

Funniest ever. Loving the one from Ryan Gosling, my husband in my mind.

April 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLisa D. Sparks
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