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BP Blog: Why Don't They Have "Sponsors" For Bipolar Patients?

In last Friday's post for BP Magazine's Bipolar Blog, I wrote about how after watching my friends go through Alcoholics Anonymous and meeting their sobriety sponsors I wished I had a "sanity" sponsor of my own. The sponsor, for the newly sober, is an emotional anchor, but even better, they are evidence that life goes on even if you suffer from addiction: "I wish I'd had the guidance of someone who had been there and come out the other side for the better, the way my friend's sobriety sponsor had. They knew all the horrors my friend knew. And they knew all the struggles that she had. And they could just joke and laugh and talk and it was a safe place. But the best part was that by seeing the sobriety sponsor, my friend new sobriety was real. That she could obtain it if she stuck with the program. That she could have a happy and fulfilling life even though she was an addict. That addiction wasn't the end. When I went through the worst of my diagnosis, I thought this was it."

Read the full post at BP Hope.

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Reader Comments (1)

After discussing depression with my cousin the other day, I brought up the same idea. I did some Googling and found out that there is Emotions Anonymous. I'm still deciding on whether or not I'll go to a meeting.

February 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJLHSmurf
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