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BP Blog: Sleep Is Your Friend

In today's post for BP Magazine's Bipolar Blog, I write about my past battles with insomnia and how I came to realize I needed to take not sleeping seriously when it came to self-care: "Not being able to sleep was usually an indicator that something had gone terribly wrong, because while the high of mania would eventually wear off, the insomnia would linger for months at a time. Gradually draining me of my positivity, my energy, my interests and my talents. The only way I could combat my illness was by accepting that even if the world was awake around the clock, I couldn't be."

Read the full post at BP Hope.

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm making a general comment about some of the angrier BWE sites. I say with emphasis this site is not one of them. I've become aware of the term DBR being tossed around to refer to black males. To the patrons of these angrier sites, I say be careful about throwing around this term -DBR. For every DBR male there is a DBR female. They both come out of the same communities and families. In too many cases they have both been exposed to the same pathologies and disfunction. We can all improve ourselves, no matter how great and wonderful we are. I have observed that any attractive, intelligent, reasonably sane women will attract many admirers. It is up to her to choose wisely. It is likewise for men. Black people today (all people really) are overloaded with conflicting messages, data clutter, and awash in negative energy. Let's tone down the anger. We need to fix ourselves first. I like Oprah's phrase. Live your best life!

January 14, 2012 | Registered CommenterThomas Mallory
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