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Obama's First 2012 Ad Is About the Grassroots Getting Back to Work

In "It Starts With Us," President Obama kicks off his 2012 campaign not with himself, but with the volunteers who will work to get him elected. It's a low-key ad, focusing on the individuals who make up the President's base (women, minorities, white men who don't always agree with him but "trust" him, and so forth), and less our charismatic, but professorial-at-times President. I thought it was a pretty good way to tap into the goody-good, teamwork feeling of 2008, while placing it in the context of 2011 and how he's a sitting President, not the ingénue anymore. It's also a great contrast to the Republican's April Fool's Day Obama 2012 ad, that featured the Great Hopemonger on a Pegasus, surfing a rainbow. I'm sure Hillary Clinton is pleased to know that her old attack strategy (aka the Obama is a rainbow pipe dream made of sugar plum fairies strategy) from the 2008 primary still has some legs in the RNC.

More after the jump.

Oh. Here's the April Fool's Day ad that mocks perceived inconsistencies with the President for daring to do things like "go on vacation" (demonstrably less than the previous President) and have celebrities to the White House (which is obviously the first time in the history of the world that's ever happened).

But, you know? Obama with rainbows on a winged-horse always makes me chuckle no matter what, because even I, a supporter of the President, often found the pro and negative hype about him insufferable. He's not a socialist Marxist Nazis black Nationalist Muslim terrorist. And he's also not your new bike to ride into the wonderful land of Oz. So +2 for the RNC.


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Reader Comments (5)

A Sugar Plum F***** - Oops Fairy - Oh My!

April 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWEALTHY1

This time around I will very actively work on Obama's campaign. It's very disturbing to see the agenda that the RNC has for us. As a teacher, I have never faced such ignorant vitrol as what has come out of Wisconsin and is spreading across the country. People who have never spent a day in classrooms, now think that because we have Associations (NEA is an association not a union per se) that makes sure that if we have master's degrees there is a demand we get paid for having them and not like factory workers at the turn of the century. The attack on legally protecting a woman's right to choose is very scary. I can no longer have children, but I don't want my daughter or my friends daughter to be forced to have children regardless of the circumstances. My Mother told be about back room abortions back in the day and women deserve more.

What will be difficult is knowing that the racism, slurs, and rudeness will escalate between now and the election in 2012 and at my age, I am very close to slapping the sh*t out of someone who disrespects me and my opinions. We have been very civil while the Tea Party people, spit on people, stomp and kick them and in general act like Nazi's and racists during the civil rights movement. Well I'm not going back, I'm not giving up my rights that people have marched and died for that so many young people take for granted. If you call me the N word I might take the high ground and walk away and I might just pop you in your mouth like my momma did when I was a teenager and crossed the line with too much lip. But if you try to shove, kick or stomp me, look for me on the evening news.

BTW, went to see Fourplay last night in Annapolis with Dad and a friend of mine, we go to sit at our table and the lone white woman sitting there after very polite introductions, gets up and moves to another table in the venue.
Wow, she was sitting with an attorney, govt exec and my 84 yr old Dad is a retired school administrator. But she couldn't sit with us? ORLY? We still need change and I plan to help work for it.

April 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbdsista

@ bdsista

All valid points. It's just my personal opinion but I dont see the racism, slurs, rudeness, and I'll add obvious lack of respect shown by the other party and it's supporters/leaders going away anytime soon.

This type of anger has been building for sometime. From the realization that Obama had an legitimate chance of winning the Presidency to today. Not once during the campaign do I recall the other party standing up and saying this type of behavior is unacceptable. Basically giving the wink wink, if not outright support for this type of thing.

From that to the "angry latino", sorry I mean Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor being appointed to the Supreme Court, to the chances of, especially if he wins another term, having another opportunity to appoint ANOTHER person, to what I honestly believe is the real kicker for these people: population reports the show that by the year 2050 Hispanics will be the majority, and guess who will be a minority...

Which takes us to "Take our country back"

To call Obama a liar on national tv in front of millions says it all.


April 6, 2011 | Registered CommenterInvisible Man

Please forgive the errors in my post!


April 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterInvisibleman

President Obama has the benefit of the bully pulpit of the Presidency. Although he has alienated the progressive left, his strategy is to own the Independent vote in 2012. He took the first step in accomplishing that goal with his budget speech.

April 14, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercards6
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