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Bachmann Turns My 9-9-9 Plan Joke Into 6-6-6 Reality For Herman Cain

Presidential wannabe Michele Bachmann "went there" during Tuesday's Bloomberg News debate when she hinted at Herman Cain's "9-9-9" plan's possible demonic leanings. A while back, I joked that Cain, being a man of faith, had made a misstep in going with a name that could easily freak out "End Times" enthusists. Quote (myself): "Herman Cain said some stuff about how we should be more like Chile, compared taxes to tithing and said something-something 9-9-9 plan. Which seems like a naming fluke for Cain. Too easy to flip those 9s to 6s and have wingnuts accuse Cain of having the "mark of the beast." His name is already Cain, who as we all know from the TV show Superbook was the world's first murderer." So you know what this means, right? Michele Bachmann: Secret reader. (Gawker)

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Reader Comments (1)

I thought the exact same thing when I was watching! She IS a secret Snob reader!

I watched that dinner table shyt show and I was truly afraid for the security of mental institutions. It seems as though they opened the doors and let some of their patients out to have a collaborative discussion regarding economic policies. I was so happy when the show went off. I was just hoping the nurses were able to round them up and tuck them in before they truly hurt themselves.

After hearing the Black Walnut’s 9-9-9 digits tossed across the table for the seventh time, I almost thought I was watching Cool Runnings when the Jamaican bobsled team was trying to emulate the Swiss team – Ein!-Stein!- Nine! Now we find out the 9-9-9 plan was concocted on scratch paper by an accountant (Rich Lowery) at a neighborhood bank. Herman Cain called him “A top economic advisor”. Lowery willingly admits he has minimal knowledge of economics. In other words, he is confirming the Black Walnut only wants to sell books and land a job on Fox News like the rest of the village idiots. This shyt continues to boggle the mind.

When Michelle Bachmann looks like the sane one at the table, you know the Republicans are in trouble. This is just another episode of “The Fraidy Bunch” debate number 23. This circus is so beyond return, I am almost certain the next debate will have a midget (little person) ringmaster and the Republican candidates will enter from a clown car, center stage.

Why must other countries see this as a display of what America has to offer? Can someone please tear down a transmission tower to stop the TV broadcasts to other nations? I am positive they will start to revoke our passports for fear that Americans will procreate with their citizens and ruin any gains they have made in education.



October 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJustice
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