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Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson Hooking People Up, One Tweet At A Time

Paul Carrick BrunsonPaul Carrick Brunson, love doctor, helps people meet people for a living. It's what he does. People hire him to help them navigate their love lives in hopes of finding that special someone who you can eat Nutella straight out of the jar with. (And it is soooo hard to find that person.)

And now Paul is helping people find that person using ... THE TWITTER! How does one get people dates via 140 characters and tweets? Let me explain.

More after the jump.

It's called Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, starting at noon, Paul takes to Twitter with a client of his (usually male) and offers him up to his nearly 5,000 Twitter followers.

These followers lob questions ("He is tall?" "What does he do for a living?" "Does he like nerdy black girls?"), and Paul picks out the best questions to answer on the guy or gal's behalf. Then, after about 45 minutes of Q & A, Paul tweets a photo of the person "tweetin' for love," then goes through his Twitter timeline for match requests.

Paul then selects some special tweeters to meet fellows like recent participant, and Friend-of-Paul, Rob Watts. Last week, Rob almost crashed the Twitter with so many match requests.

How did this all get started? Several weeks back, ol' Paul was trying to get his brother a date.

"I was on twitter trying to come up with a novel way to introduce my brother who had recently joined twitter," Brunson said. "My goal was simply to help him increase his followers (and maybe snag him a date). Instead of just asking people to follow him, I decided to drop background information on him. Tweet after tweet i began to paint a picture of him. All of sudden, I became inundated with questions. Everything from situational stuff like 'What would he do if he had 24hrs left in his life' to very blunt questions like 'What his show size was.' As soon as I realized I couldn't keep up with the volume of questions, I knew something special was born."

Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesdays is kind of like that old game "Mystery Date." But instead of cardboard cut-outs of jocks and nerds, Paul offers up "good guys" who are looking to make a connection. Last week in 40 minutes Paul got over 100 questions about his mystery man.

This is the fifth week of Matchmaker Wednesdays. Paul plans on continuing the practice due to popular demand. He's gotten more than 250 new Twitter followers since he started and interest continues to grow.

So? How does he go about picking his matches from your Tweets? Paul explains:

After the 45 minute Q & A session, all interested in meeting the candidate simply tweet "#MDMW Match" (and they have until midnight on Wednesday to do that). I then review the timelines (and any other info I can glean from their Twitter profile ... most have links to blogs or Facebook) to come up with three-to-five potential dates. I then allow the match to select (w/ my input).

But what if you want to be the one matched up by Paul? There's a way to get yourself put up on the Twitter auction block, sez Paul:

If you're interested in being a candidate, the best thing to do is become a complimentary member of ODFM ( and express an interest to be a MDMW candidate. If you are interested in becoming a date for a candidate, you simply need to follow me at @OneDegreeFromMe and follow my tweets starting at noon EST every Wednesday.

Paul is a strong believer that social networking is a viable way to make connections with new friends and potential mates. When I spoke with Paul, he said:

From a raw statistical standpoint, social networking ranks second to friends and family as conduits for dates and marriages. That said, I believe as friends and family become more digitally connected and as social media tool usage evolves (and people get more creative w/ concepts like MDMW), social networking will overtake as the number one source for dates/marriages.


I spoke with Rob, one of the participants (the one who almost broke the Twitter), and he's known Paul since 2007. He was pretty excited about the potential of using social networking for dates.

It was such an interesting use of Twitter. In general I am fascinated about how people relate with one another and how the web has is creating all these new channels for people to communicate and and I was intrigued to see the use of twitter as a dating resource.

I Facebook stalk every now and then but I guess that doesn't really count. I haven't used social media platforms for dating but they do open up an interesting avenue to consider.

So what do you think? Would you use Twitter to tweet for love?

To learn more check out Paul's Web site, One Degree From Me or follow Paul on Twitter @OneDegreeFromMe!


Full disclosure: Paul and I are friends and I have done work for him in the past. He and his wife Jill are lovely people who have fed me fried chicken and waffles and have laughed at my jokes. Love them.

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Reader Comments (8)

This is an interesting concept. I hope it is a safe method, cause they're a lot of twitter fakers.

September 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterembraceurcrazy

Wow. Fascinating application of Twitter! Very innovative concept. It sounds like a million dollar business idea so if there is a way for Paul to capitalize I hope he has already made that move!!

Ahh Love Stories! I'm all happily bunned up but the people geek & hopeless romantic in me will mos def be paying attention to how this plays out. I'd join Twitter just to follow the haps on Matchmaker Wednesdays.

Good for Paul & his business! & Good luck to all the matches make in Tweaven!

Thanks Snob

September 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterThe_A

Love this moden day use of social media to connect folks looking for love. #TweetinForLove (aka #MDMW) could be the next biggest reality TV show. :)

Kudos to Paul and his innovative thinking. Looking forward to seeing how some of these matches play out.

September 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCourtney Wiley

a girl i went to school with met her now fiance on twitter in May of 09, they are getting married next year, we live in los angeles, they are now engaged and she moved to ATL yesterday as a matter of fact to live with him and start their lives so i guess seeing up close how it worked out for them might as well give it a shot :)

September 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTekoa

GLAD TO HEAR SOMETHING POSITIVE! Finally people who are using inovation, technology, and culture to find solutins to peoples inability to get married.

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLiving in peace

It seems Paul found a way to put his playa skills to good use and earn money at it. Hee, hee

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Wise

What are paul's qualifications besides common sense & learn from my mistakes.

November 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterash

I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

May 29, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermatchmaker Illinois
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