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WTF: "Oh You Fenty Huh?" Pro-Fenty Rap Jam Hits Web (Video)

I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and went ... wait? What? The video, featuring a quartet of rappers doing a version of Drake's hit "Fancy" popped up on YouTube Sept. 9th, just in time for the DC mayoral election. Produced and paid for by THE CONNOISSEURS, with music arranged and produced by Press Play Studios, the video is in support of current DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. This video seems ... well, very different from how Fenty has presented himself. He's not in the video which features just your standard rappers profiling kind of stuff intersected with shots from around the city. It's quite well done and a great looking video. But it almost seems kind of foreign to hear a rap song done in tribute to him featuring school kids and adoring young folks.

More after the jump.

Right now, Fenty is in mad rush for votes as there is a very "Anyone But Fenty" attitude in the streets among disgruntled voters. In this version of "Fancy," the chorus sings "Oh you, Fenty, huh?" instead of "Oh you fancy, huh?" and I'm thinking, how is this supposed to appeal to my 60-some-odd year old landlady who's voting for Gray? She doesn't know (or care) who Drake is. Also? Also, while this video is pretty slickly done, (someone got themselves some Final Cut Pro action!) it's kind of last minute. Reports have Fenty trailing D.C. Chairman Vince Gray in the polls at 38 to 45 percent. The Democratic primary (which IS the mayor's race in D.C. There is no Republican opposition) happens on Sept. 14th. Still, I guess some effort is better than none. Right now the video is at around 259 views.

(Via YouTube)

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Reader Comments (6)

Umm...where was this filmed, Pittsburgh? Why are we in "Steeler Country"?

September 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterColHghts

I don't think this video will help him. He needs the Obama girl on his campaign.

September 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Wise

OMG! This is terrible. What a misrepresentation of himself and the city's attitude about him. Really, I'd love to see him with a green rag tied around his head. I wonder how much Fenty paid to have this done. Waste of money!

September 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCity Girl DC

Of course I had to post this on twitter. Of course EVERYBODY and their momma died of laughter. OF COURSE Fenty's trying to get that Black vote back.

P dot to the S dot: Can someone feel me in on the "Steelers Country" banner. I didn't know I moved to Pittsburgh. Maybe the confused it with Redskins?

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDee

Michelle Fenty has come out of hiding...but, this piece doesn't exactly do what I think she wanted it to do.

Michelle Fenty's battle cry in D.C. mayoral campaign that brought her to tears

In the showdown between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray, her husband's campaign is acting like there's now a Michelle factor juicing the sprint to Tuesday's Democratic primary.

Her tearful appearance evoked comparisons to Hillary Rodham Clinton choking up inside a New Hampshire coffee shop as her presidential campaign struggled to find its footing. Fenty's husband finds himself in a similar position -- down in the polls and looking for way out of a quagmire. Fenty's political standing has suffered from widespread criticism over a series of controversies, both large and small, from withholding free Nationals season tickets from council members to ethical questions about contracts awarded to his fraternity brothers. His wife might have thrown him a rope, through her poignant moment that went, to some degree, viral.

She's settled on a partial explanation for her husband's predicament, and she's taken that message to meetings with voters and campaign donors over the past few days: "There's certainly an awkwardness about my husband," she says in the interview. "It's something he's always had -- a little quirkiness." When they were dating, she sometimes wondered: "Does he not want to speak with me?"

Fenty says she and her husband have "made mistakes" during his time in office, but she'd rather not do a "postmortem" just now. She's focused, instead, on her public role helping him run for reelection and the private role of "protective" mother. She's barred her kids from watching any channel except the Tennis Channel, lest they see their father criticized in political ads that she considers distortions. "Every day's a race to the mailbox" to pluck political mailers before the kids can see them.

She doesn't think the voters get her husband. He wants, in her words, "Washington, D.C., to be a world-class city. Every child to have the same access to a great education regardless of how much money their parents have."

And she doesn't think the race is about issues, but that it has become a referendum on her husband's "personality."

"It's heartbreaking," she says. "He doesn't just care; he grew up with these people."

In the course of the lunch, she repeats three more times that the situation is "heartbreaking." It's also "shocking," "very hard," she says. Her husband is "really hurt." It's "painful," she says twice.



September 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterrikyrah

Fenty's "Michelle" factor is not the same as Obama's.

Anytime you tell the Black People that voted you in to kiss his ass, but you "Ni--ers" better show up and vote for me, will get you the "Artur Davis" treatment.

For those who don't know, Artur Davis is a soon-to-be former Congressman from Alabama who decided he wanted to be governor of the state, so he went about it alienating the Negro base that got him to Congress; running a campaign so far to the right, one would be forgiven for thinking him a Republican.

Even Harold Ford had more sense than to alienate his African-American base - though his political career is pretty much toast, too - he did not go out in craptacular fashion as Davis did.

African-Americans have long memories. Fenty's trying to smooth things over in the hope that the DC African-Americans will forgive him. But you cannot tell people to "kiss your ass, but you better vote for me", cause that doesn't work.

Fenty will learn this the same way Artur did, but I won't be surprised if he does manage to get re-elected.

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCPL
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