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Return of "Beirut By The Lake" In Mayor's Race 

The Snob has a story up on today about the Chicago Mayor's race, the crowded field and Rahm Emanuel "officially" announcing his run.

Check out a snippet of the story after the jump.

From The Loop 21:

If you're in political withdrawal due to the end of the midterms I have just the race for you to get you through those long winter months when Chris Matthews is scraping the bottle of the Beltway barrel to keep you entertained while Congress takes off for Christmas. While the Sarah Palins and the Mitt Romneys sleep sweetly with dreams of 2012 dancing in their heads, you can enjoy the political carnage known as "The Chicago Race for Mayor," Beirut by the Lake, Pt. II, starring Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel, U.S. Rep. Danny "The Consensus Black Candidate" Davis and the ghost of the Daley political dynasty.

Read the rest here at The Loop 21.

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey Snob, I just have to give it to you: You got the political history of Chicago pretty much dead on. I say this as one who was born, bred and raised there and live there for 35 yrs. It's very rare for a non-Chicagoan to give a correct and accurate take on the political machinations of the city. Your sum up on the gap period of Daleys is also very correct and it made me choke my tea it was so spot on : "...During that brief period in the 80s between Daley the father and the emergence of Daley the son, Chicago essentially ate itself".

BRAVO, Ms Snob. Well done piece.

November 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSLMeyer

@ SLMeyer

Thanks! I grew up in the Midwest in St. Louis, Mo. and I'm a life-long political junkie, so I grew up reading about Chicago politics (along with Missouri v. St. Louis politics and the whole "Southern Illinois" phenomenon). But I have to give some credit to my new intern and researcher Lori who was helpful in wrangling some up-to-date info on the candidates running against Rahm. It made writing the piece go a lot faster.

November 17, 2010 | Registered CommenterDanielle Belton
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