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Jada Prather Badly Reviews "For Colored Girls" As I Live-Tweet It

Jada Prather and Danielle Belton 2009The year is 2010. The man is Jada Prather. The Twitter is mine and the thread shall live in infamy.

Since Jada didn't have Twitter at the time (he now does), I feared he would be mad that I'd tweeted his impromptu review of "For Colored Girls," but instead he was proud and it made him join Twitter (finally). 

The review fell in the both unintentional and intentionally funny zone. It is still a source of happy pride for him to this day.

And now, here it is, preserved for all to read ...

As always with Twitter, read from the bottom up. 

  1. @afroliciouschic LOLabout 7 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to afroliciouschic
  2. Jada is all disappointed. He's not on Twitter, so when he looks at my Timeline he only gets tweets from 8 hours ago.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  3. Seriously though. Jada is a highly intelligent person. He just can't tell a story. This is me and him last year in DC: 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  4. I actually needed the laugh because I was in a horrible mood.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  5. My friend is flattered that so many people enjoyed his review. I keep telling he needs to use the Twitter.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  6. @chemo_babe Can do!about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to chemo_babe
  7. My friend is flattered that you all enjoyed his review. I just read it to him because he does not use the Twitter.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  8. I don't know how accurate that was. But that was his version. Now y'all know what I deal with on the regular. Feel my pain!about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  9. @YoursTrilly OK. He's done now.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to YoursTrilly
  10. LOL. I wish I'd taped this.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  11. THE END!about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  12. "And then Janet Jackson starts to go into the poem and then that's the end! That's all the camera man could take."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  13. "All I know is I'm a man who likes to have sex with other men. Is that so gay?'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  14. "And he was like 'Listen baby. I would never be holding some man's hand while walking through the street. What I do is not gay!'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  15. @fayebugs My friend Jada is describing to me on the phone the film For Colored Girls.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to fayebugs
  16. "I don't remember what disease they said, but it was something horrible."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  17. "Janet Jackson was sitting in her bed & it was a giant rich person bed & they were trying to show the artisticness of how far they were."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  18. @krystalgrant I know. But I didn't want to correct him. He seems so excited to tell me about this.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to krystalgrant
  19. "Because you are me. I used to be that girl. I used to do all that sexy stuff."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  20. @Inkognegro I believe he didn't go see the film by choice.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Inkognegro
  21. "She was scrubbing that blood then the girl from My Wife and Kids just ran right through it! That's when I kind of got confused."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  22. @YoursTrilly Okie doke.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to YoursTrilly
  23. @Inkognegro Jada doesn't use Twitter. Otherwise he'd be mad at me right now. LOL.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Inkognegro
  24. "And then she went over and slapped him. And the audience cheered."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  25. "The guy from Juice that raped her had tried to have sex with another lady but she stabbed him and killed him and he was like white ..."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  26. @tutablu I'm dying. I'm dying so hard over here.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to tutablu
  27. "Pouring blood on her head. Or some nasty stuff. And she was like 'Get off me woman!'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  28. "Then Whoopi Goldberg started putting ashes on her forehead from some jar, but she didn't think it was working I guess. So she started ..."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  29. @Blacktating Lawd. That's AWFUL!about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Blacktating
  30. "And that's why y'all look nice. I had sex with the white man,' And Thandie Newton was like 'This is not true!.'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  31. He just went on some random "I'm going to give you to this white man here to have sex with you to have pretty babies." WTH?!?!about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  32. I can't even type his lightskin/darkskin explanation of Thandie and Whoopi's relationship. It made so little sense. I'm sorry.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  33. "And she said, 'You made me go there Whoopi Goldberg! You made me go to the Macy Gray Abortion Clinic so I could lose my child!'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  34. "The mother started slapping her all up and they were fighting. 'You told her the secret location of the Macy Gray abortion clinic!"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  35. @InVinceWil My friend just saw the movie and is describing it to me.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to InVinceWil
  36. WTF. I don't even know.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  37. "And Kerry Washington went home with the police man guy and they wanted to have a baby and she caught Gonorrhea or something."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  38. I honestly can't type it all fast enough.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  39. OMG. I think I'm going to pass out. This is so ridiculous.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  40. "The lady who got raped by the guy. And right over there, Macy Gray gave her some abortion. And the kids who fell ..."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  41. "And then, somehow, they all ended up at the hospital!"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  42. "She was sterilizing the tools w/ the Malt Liquor & I guess it was so horrible, they didn't show it & she was like 'We got a bleeder here!'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  43. "It's like a HOUSE of HORRORS in this film."about 8 hours ago via web
  44. "And she was back there with Tyronne Biggums and Ashy Larry and that's how you knew it was bad."about 8 hours ago via web
  45. "She gave bargain abortions for competitive prices or something. She used to be awesome. But now she gives abortions."about 8 hours ago via web
  46. @echobravo1119 He just watched it and is retelling the story to me on the phone.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to echobravo1119
  47. I think this is the longest story he's ever told me in the history of our friendship.about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  48. "Oh. And I forgot. That lady, who always plays a sassy black lady. Like in Waiting to Exhale. She was in it ..."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  49. "Then he let them go and they didn't even show it, I guess it was that horrible."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  50. "Claire Huxtable was trying to stop cars and stuff and everyone was like 'Oh snap!'"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  51. @ProfessLCH He's a smart guy, but maaaan. He tells all stories like this. All of them. You should hear him describe "The Dark Knight."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to ProfessLCH
  52. "Then Claire Huxtable somehow had super hearing & knew exactly what was going on!"about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  53. "I don't know how he did this. He must have got Hulk strength. He managed to get both kids through the window and hold them one arm each."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  54. "And Janet Jackson is still sitting in the car. She had to be really pissed off. I don't know how long she was in there getting beat up."about 8 hours ago via TweetDeck
  55. My friend says the little girl deserves and Oscar.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  56. "He was looking @ the little daughter because she was looking all innocent & she went over to the dad 'I don't want you hurtin' mom no more"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  57. "And all you heard was 'ooof oof'! And Claire Huxtable was to the kids 'We gotta talk louder!'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  58. "So she went upstairs and Janet Jackson was sitting in the car and the guy from the Army was like 'I saw you when you came.'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  59. "And Janet Jackson was like 'You get in my expensive car and drive down there! Get up in there and get me my stuff!'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  60. I seriously hope the rape/opera scene more sense in the theater. My friend's version is damn near incomprehensible.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  61. "He was trying to resist his 'gayer' urges and I was like, what is going on with this movie? And they kept showing body parts."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  62. @myloveformusic2 No. My friend Jada is describing "For Colored Girls" to me over the phone.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to myloveformusic2
  63. "He just started taking his clothes off right behind her while she was doing her poetry thing & she turned around & he was butt ass nekkid."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  64. "They look at your butt and then they look all evil. And he was like 'A-huhuhuh.' And she was like 'Stop it you. We gotta eat.'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  65. His version of the dialogue is just priceless.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  66. "Let's go to your house so you can cook food because I got to save money because this is a recession!"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  67. "You go past Joe the Barber and then you walk down these stairs and that's how I was not pregnant no more."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  68. @jonnyangel @Jillian002 He's describing "For Colored Girls" to me. LOL. He's ridiculous.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  69. "And she said, why you lyin'? And then she said, no I'm not. Then she told the story of how she got pregnant."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  70. "The Slutty Sister, Thandie Newton, I guess she felt bad, so she went to go pay for the tuition or whatever.'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  71. "And he was like 'How could a woman not be a hooker & just like to have sex?' She was all 'You could have all dis!' while she threw him out"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  72. "And they was about to do it I guess and he was like 'Hold on, I only got 80 bucks on me.'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  73. "She wasn't a hooker! She was just a slutty kind of chick I guess by Tyler Perry's estimation."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  74. I should just have him write a review for the site.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  75. "Mind you, I might be telling this story out of sequence because it was kinda like 'Crash.' It'll all come together at the end!"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  76. "By Tyler Perry's definition, if looking at butts makes you a rapist, I'm the king of rapists."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  77. "And then he was looking at her butt, which is like the sign of a rapist in Tyler Perry movie."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  78. "La la la" is his version of "Yadda yadda yadda."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  79. "The police officer was walking down the street & then he bumped into The Noni Rose & the guy from Juice said 'we should go out, la la la.'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  80. @AngelaSL813 And "Claire Huxtable."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to AngelaSL813
  81. @AngelaSL813 Actually, he calls all the actors by their real names except "Girl with big eyes who always looks like she's about to cry."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to AngelaSL813
  82. He isn't on Twitter, so he doesn't know I'm telling all y'all about his horrid storytelling abilities.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  83. "And Janet Jackson's husband started looking at his butt and all the women in the audience were like 'oooooh shhh!'"about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  84. "And then she got scared off by this guy because he was like real crazy." Like, his version makes no sense, but is entertaining.about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  85. "Every time she came outside Claire Huxtable would be looking & the other lady w/ the big eyes who always looks like she's about to cry ..."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  86. "Somehow the girl found out she was pregnant or something and she was like 'Oh snap' because the mom is all religious or something."about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
  87. Listening to a friend describe the film "For Colored Girls." He tells all stories like he's a five-year-old despite being 38.

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