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ATTN: Missouri’s Defining Moment

For ATTN I wrote a piece about my feelings ahead of the grand jury ruling on the shooting death of teen Mike Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson. A native of the area (I grew up in neighboring Florissant, Mo.), I’m fairly cynical about the process, but I’m not cynical about the young people who’ve been moved to protest. Continue reading

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The Root: Abolish Voter Registration! (Make It Automatic for the People)

Today for The Root I counter that whole “two thirds of eligible voters did not vote in the last election” stuff with a solution to improve turnout. Get rid of voter registration altogether and make registration automatic for all citizens once they turn 18. Instead of hoping people get involved in the process voluntarily, let’s fast track everyone to the front of the line. After all “voter registration” is more about voter suppression than getting the vote out … SO SAYS HISTORY! Continue reading