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How Many Wives Shows Are Too Many Wives Shows Now that "Hollywood Exes" Joins the Fray?

You've got Basketball Wives, Basketball Wives LA, Basketball Bullies and Basketball Occasional Sex Partners, Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives, Real Housewives who aren't wives and don't stay at home, and now Hollywood Wives, a new reality show that's like that film "The First Wives Club," full of the celebrity spouses time forgot

Like the Kim Kardashian of 1998 over here (pictured on left).

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Video: Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

Greatest political video rap mash-up ever. Flawless. I'm off now to find out if creator Hugh Atkin is going to release this on mp3.

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The Snob Talks Trayvon Martin, Romney's Illinois win on NPR

The Snob returned to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin's "beauty shop" segment Wednesday to talk about the tragic death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin (which I wrote about at length on Tuesday), Mitt Romney's recent win in Illinois making it less likely I'll get my dream of a brokered GOP convention and whether or not the joke on actress Sophia Vergara's accent in a recent Cover Girl commercial is funny or offensive. Also in on the chat, Beauty Shop regulars Mary Kate Cary, Viviana Hurtado and Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell.

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