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Johnny Wright Talks Whether or Not @FLOTUS Will Rock An Afro

For The Root Thursday I have both a story and video about celebrity stylist Johnny Wright, hairstylist to First Lady Michelle Obama. In the interview he talks about how he came to be her stylist and about what’s up next for his career. We also do a fun video together, going through Mrs. O’s best hair looks.  Continue reading

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The Hair Salon and Me: Back Together Again and It Feels So Good

In 2002 I broke up with the hair salon. I’d gone completely natural the year prior and couldn’t take anymore of the ups and downs, drama and misery that was the standard of quite a few unprofessional black salons I went to as I moved from town to town, pursuing my career. But doing my own hair was drudgery. So after almost a decade of being natural, in 2011, I returned to the salon and began my search for an on-time stylist who would actually like (or at least act like she liked) doing my hair. Continue reading

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#ThatsSoRaven Say What?

Sitting in for my friend Yesha Callahan at The Root’s Grapevine blog, I wrote this post all about Raven-Symoné’s latest ridiculous statement, this time about why she doesn’t want Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. I know why I think Tubman shouldn’t be on there (“Master’s tools can’t dismantle master’s house … blah, blah, blah“), but let’s just say Raven’s reasons didn’t exactly come from the most “informed” place. But hey, this is why they pay her the big dollars! Continue reading


Prince, Baltimore #Rally4Peace

He said it was also a rally for getting a “piece” of that economic pie. Prince challenged the young people to become leaders and entrepreneurs. It was pretty awesome. Nothing like a motivational speech in the middle of a Prince concert BY PRINCE. I was at the concert with Yesha Callahan and we sat in the NOSEBLEEDS, scared for our lives because we were so high up. But we still had a great time. Continue reading

All Aboard the Bipolar Express

You Are Not Your Disease

Monday for The Root, I wrote a piece about my personal struggle with mental illness for Mental Health Awareness Month. For my piece, I focused on learning to accept my diagnosis after I was “outed” as mentally ill by an internet troll. Who strangely wanted to take credit for me being hospitalized. So weird.  Continue reading


Although I don’t write about it very much, I am very into action adventure, fantasy and sci-fi films and TV shows. I also watch a lot of reality TV garbage and (obviously) news programming. My friend Jada Prather and I decided to start making videos about it and this one on Avengers: Age of Ultron is the first one! Naturally, it’s not perfect (Jada needs to speak up a bit and I’m loud as ever), but I think the videos turned out OK, considering I haven’t edited video in years. Check the first one out. Then check out Part 2 and Part 3 below. Continue reading

Ashley Overbey tells her story of being a victim of police brutality during a televised town hall discussion hosted by TV One’s Roland Martin. Overbey was invited to speak during the panel discussion on police brutality in Baltimore May 5, 2015.

Let’s Stay Together: Why Community Organizers Need to Get Along

Thursday for The Root I wrote a piece about a nonprofit collective that fell apart in Baltimore like so many have before. It was meant to bring all the groups together so they could fight for various causes, but struggles to find successors who could get along and the founders moving on to other things lead to its demise, to the detriment of Baltimore’s youth. This is a similar pattern that plays out at all social justice nonprofits, where members come together around one charismatic leader, but fall apart once that leader is gone.  Continue reading